Three childhood Kung Fu prodigies have grown into washed-up, middle-aged men – now one kick away from pulling their hamstrings. But when their master is murdered, they must juggle their dead-end jobs, dad duties, and overcome old grudges to avenge his death.

Director’s Notes

Imagine Bruce Lee in his 40s, out of shape and divorced, estranged from his kids, and trying to figure out his place in the world. Then imagine that same Bruce Lee’s comeback. Family, career, and life might have consumed us, but there will always be a part of us that is dying to do a few spin kicks in the backyard.


‘The Paper Tigers’ Trailer Reveals the Must-Watch Martial Arts Comedy of the Year

(March 2021) - “Director and writer Tran Quoc Bao delivers all the heart, humor, and high-impact fight scenes martial arts fans crave in their feel-good martial arts comedies, and the cast is up to every challenge he throws their way."

Well Go USA Acquires Bao Tran’s Action Comedy ‘The Paper Tigers’

(September 2020) - “The Paper Tigers is simultaneously heartwarming, action-packed and side-splittingly funny, an excellent homage to kung fu films of eras past,” said Doris Pfardrescher, President and CEO at Well Go USA Entertainment.

Frontières Unveils Genre Lineup for Virtual Cannes Market - The Hollywood Reporter

(May 2020) - "Highlights from this year's Buyers Showcase include Tran Quoc Bao's The Paper Tigers, a martial arts comedy featuring three working-class stiffs out to avenge the death of their Kung Fu master."

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(Aug 2019) - The Paper Tigers begins production August 1, 2019 with a new line up of cast and crew.

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(Jan 2019) - The 6-year journey of challenges and successes of producing Seattle's upcoming Kung Fu action comedy film, The Paper Tigers.

Successful $124K Kickstarter Campaign

(Jan 2019) - The Paper Tigers takes Kickstarter by storm, raising over $124,000 thanks to 586 backers.


Tran Quoc Bao | Writer/Director/Editor

Mentored by master action director Corey Yuen, Bao’s approach draws on spectacle through story and character. Screen Anarchy praised his written-and-directed short Bookie for its “flawlessly realized world driven by a compelling narrative and brought to sumptuous life.” His editing credits include Cho Lon, one of Southeast Asia’s highest-budgeted action blockbusters, and Jackpot, a heartfelt comedy selected as Vietnam’s official entry to the 2016 Oscars for Best Foreign Film. The Paper Tigers will be his first feature film as director. Ain’t It Cool News enthusiastically declared Bao as “a director I expect to see big things from.”

Ken Quitugua | Action Director/Fight Choreographer

An original member of the ground-breaking indie action team ZeroGravity Stunts, Ken has over 20 years of achievement in martial arts, earning a senior instructor rank in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and four Grand Championship titles. He has gone on to broaden his knowledge with Wushu, Capoeira, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He has served as action director/fight choreographer on several key independent action films of the last decade and recently starred in Unlucky Stars, which was hailed by Kung Fu Kingdom for its “balance of blazing action, laugh-out-loud comedy, and wince-inducing stunt work.” Ken lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Nicole, where he also works as a graphic artist in the entertainment industry.

Michael Velasquez | Producer

Michael has been working in video and post-production for 25 long years. As a Creative Producer, Michael’s purpose is to make sure every individual’s needs are met and to help shepherd the director’s creative vision through all levels of the production. He can be a sounding board, yes man, or devil’s advocate as the situation demands. A content creator in his own right, Michael has screened dozens of his short films nationally and internationally, while his visual effects work has been featured in several award-winning documentaries. His other skills include drawing, design, and photography. Though he began training in martial arts at the age of four, much like the heroes of our film, it’s been decades since he won his last challenge match.

Al’n Duong | Producer

Al’n harbored great passion for martial arts films and NBA basketball from a young age. After reaching the staggering height of 5 foot 7 inches, Al’n put all his energy into making backyard Kung Fu films in high school using home video cameras. He continued his education in Seattle at the University of Washington, focusing on post-modern cinema and martial arts films. Having started out in camera department before transitioning to producing, Al’n brings a holistic knowledge in creative problem-solving and film set management – ensuring a productive, positive, and safe environment.

Yuji Okumoto | Producer

A veteran actor for over 35 years with nearly 100 productions under his name, Yuji is best known for his breakout role in The Karate Kid, Part II as the iconic villain Chozen. Younger generations may know him from Disney hits such as Johnny Tsunami and Johnny Kapahala. With a rare ability of understanding feature film production from the front of the camera to behind the scenes, Yuji has written and produced several television and film projects such as Out, Black Thread, and Katana. Yuji co-produced the feature film Beta Test, starring Manu Bennett and Larenz Tate, which released in U.S. theaters in the summer of 2016. Outside of the film industry, Yuji is a successful proprietor of Kona Kitchen, a Hawaiian-American restaurant and Seattle landmark for 14 years.

Daniel Gildark | Producer

Thrust into drama at twelve by a copy of Unabridged Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Dan’s life has been motivated by storytelling. Moving to Seattle in the 90’s to focus on writing he fell into the world of fringe theatre. The Balkan conflict called next and Dan went to investigate and document the war. In 2007 he directed and produced his first feature Cthulhu, winning ‘Best of Festival’ at both the Eerie and H.P. Lovecraft Film Festivals and earning Dan a nomination for The Stranger’s Genius Award. The film was purchased and distributed by Regent Releasing. 2014 marked Dan’s return to theatre, directing and starring in the play Whackjob. Dan continues to utilize his deep experience to tell the stories that make us human.

AMP International | Sales Agent (Worldwide)

With 20 years of sales and marketing experience, the AMP International sales team has been a regular at festivals and markets for a number of years and has sold smart genre titles including 2016 horror The Void, TIFF Midnight Madness movie Baskin, and zombie comedy Anna and the Apocalypse.


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